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it forward against the anterior wall of the duodenum. An incision was
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tion as well as other pathological conditions. The modus oper-
think there is any doubt that they should be treated medically. However,
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spasm has also been noted. He quotes at length many instances of the con-
A quick word from a displeased commanding officer may be a
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was probably the increased pressure on the vagi in the overfilled lungs, as
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great value. Exposure of the abdominal contents, especially in
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of the peritoneum by sponges and antiseptic solutions. He had never seen
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of Demarcation, Lines of Direction, Prevalence of Contours, and Psy-
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extensive throughout the right half of the abdomen. The wound
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cardia may be associated, both being due presumably to irritation of the
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unusually excessive and the bismuth meal gravitates into the depend-
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matter, it is not difficult to understand how the increased pres-
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more pronounced. On neither side were the under surfaces of the lobes
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growth of inflammation above described. This growth is, accordingly, lim-
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Typhoid Eever. By H. H. Koberts, Paris, Ky. Keprint from the American
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of these organs, or from the assaults of the progressively aggres-
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passive motion as early as possible in cases of fracture near a joint.
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than cathererized specimens vaginal discharges commonly contami-
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of resulting mischief considerable ; and that, as pointed out by
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hyperplastic changes under like constitutional conditions. I
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41. S'^hulz and Stilbing. Deutsche med. Woch., vol. xiii.
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ture, in not necessitating the denudation of the arteries and in not permitting
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appeared. The rigidity of the neck disappeared and head could be
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A member of the Medical Society County of Kings from