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bly one Q? typhus fever ; but, in the examinations made in six fatal cases of

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Bohn, Das Wechselfieber und seine verschiedenen Formen im Kindesalter. Jahrb.

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drainage by introducing the author^s large aluminum

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tions of the cervix uteri associated with the ])uerperal

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because for pansinusitis it seemed ideal, though he did not know that one could

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Of the 1,700 eyes, whose refraction was measured, 1,434 were astigmatic, but in

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the third, fourth, and fifth days, they become vesicular,

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frequent talks with these men, he became enamored with philosophy and

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rally, to one side of the heart, and limited chiefly to the valvular portion

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made on the convex surface of the liver, where the hepatic

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fibrous tumors, some of which are developed in its walls, the largest,

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the case after doing* my duty. It is not a disgrace to fail to make a

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the heroic deeds of the early medical missionaries,

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The following are a few of the results. The degrees given are of the

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medical inspection of the body are a vain mockery, and the sooner the publi

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from a single case occurring in a general medical ward of which he had

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is the loop quite devoid of danger, but it is both more

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and quinia in small doses ; and he continued to use these remedies steadily

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the fever subsides. The persistence of albuminuria for a month or six

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called liqu/yr amnii. It varies in amount from half a pint to several

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tion they may be found, become submitted to the laws ot absorption, which

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the labourer or artisan who gets drunk regularly every Saturday evening

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and mixed, allowed to act for ten minutes or longer,

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for example, one session during the day, generally at mid-day, to leave

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serve symptoms of poisoning indicative of paralysis of the nervous

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postponed because of inadequate operating room time, for

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boy, aged seven months. He weighed 4.32 kilos, and was 61 cm. in

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Government do in the way of helping to curtail a consumption of alcohol

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ture from a heated ulfcer. (2) Unnatural accumulations, as

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increases the pressure during inspiration and diminishes it during expiration; whereas

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one of my cases, a sharp-pointed instrument was with difficulty

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facility with which the permeation of fluids takes place, a certain

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speedy. Regulated diet, rest, with perhaps a tonic remedy, suffice for the

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tion will be assumed in accordance with the line of action of the dislocating

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Students and Practitioners. By Eminent American Teachers.

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Jan. 28, 1890. . Spring. board. No. 4.30462; Sept. 16.

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ring about the same time. A young friend of mine saw the patient for

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the law of the survival of the tittest, a race was pro-

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roaring, referred either to the ear or to some part of the head. ]\Iore elabo-

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it means the commencement of a contracture which will accentuate the

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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money older, bank check, or registered

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