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males; forty-une from other states, twenty-one males, and twenty females.

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as to render this outbreak improbable. If, therefore, an attack of

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direction of Thomas Lawson, M. D., Surgeon- General United States

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until the swelling has subsided, and advises the suspension of

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Bright^s disease, it is apparent that the fits were ureemic And

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physicians are really aware of what has been done for them

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Speaking of the form of the tubes, the author remarks that they

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a few seconds, as there is at first mutual repulsion, the combined

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to his finger, or by seeing the tortuous temporal arteries

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aversion (physically an available or liberated force^ consequent

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sequent period. The question is as yet unsolved, but the idea

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chief part ; and he ascertained that the prevalence of the disease

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reasonably well forward under the shank of the foot to

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arCs Trans., Obs. 64, p. 398,) has detailed a case of congenital pleuritis.

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PaAS£&.^^^In this article Dr. Fraser relates the particulars of

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able to do so — if the tongue be unsteady, as it sometimes is — the assistant who

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— London and Edinburgh Philosoph. Magazine, March 1841. T. R. B.

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Galante landed at Dominica; two were ill wi^ cholera at the time,

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the head that the patient points out as the seat of pain, taking care, if it is on

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the safety of the organ. But notwithstanding the severity of the symp-

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dubbed "Oslerism" — is one of the world's authorities in

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personahties. Of course, this rule is literally riddled with

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Addressed to the Lord President of the Privy Council,

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used; with which the inhaler is not to be quite half filled. Invariably, how-

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J. Ward, a marine, aged 33, came to the poorhouse with secondary

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rect, and proceeding from the increased action existing in the diseased part,

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figuring. These cysts are usually the size of a pea.

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authoriUes are a bit weak-kneed in their faith, for there I

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Amputation, — Heine. On Supra and Transcondylar Amputation

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from all sides when she ventures to put on her shamefully

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as a wash, was continued, some arrow root with a little wine in it was

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Acute cerebrospinal meningitis is an epidemic disease.

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stances in which a solitary attack occurred in a district in which the

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of Hie other is from time to time confused ; and that a number of

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before the auricles, has no meaning when applied to the naked heart. The

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case there was loss of power in the left arm and left side of the face.

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five years, as 1 to 122.428, or 0.816 per cent. From Henry Marshall, M.D.,

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development, both in the tadpole, as shortly given above, and

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Barber's Itch.— Unfortunately, two very diflerent

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unfavourable sign; the skin was never very hot, and the red patches on the