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We might not know why in early and infantile life this dis-

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are discoverable, few in number, and on the abdomen only, toward

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parts of the skin about six years ago. At present the

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" The degree of susceptibility to the exhalations of the shrul?

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that opinions must never be biased by the social position,

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to the lower end of the spinal cord ( natural size). Schultze gives the following explanation:

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SSfCfS. lan ? ua fe. ,es of the same group. SiSwati and Zulu's mutual in-

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tive conclusions, but I hope that the use of quinin will

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-••■Inr Fxtc'iiMun i. iinu applied uhii<- th- nirj,'c.,n manipulates the frag-

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no way affected by the serum. We inoculated the corresponding

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by a patient until they have been inspected and verified

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the liberated iodine was estimated by means of N/10 Na s S s 8 . Thus, 23.5 c.c.

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agreed that levees were the best protection against overflows.

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Edinb. M. J., 1889-90, xxxv, 339.— Oliver (.j.) A tumour

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ply the symptoms indicating its necessity, nor does

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independent, the most fre(|uent complications of backward displace-

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for the production of this change is the administration of lime salts,

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or in the character of the pulse. On the fourth day fol-

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is reduced, the acidity of the urine should be adjusted

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ditions a direct paralysis is easily understood and accounted for.

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find therein much that will be of practical value to him in his every day

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power is complete ; or sensation may be quickly regained while the motor

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minutes after death Cesarean section was performed, and a well-developed male

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valves. The parenchyma of the heart was very anemic

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newspapers, and so on. Illusion, or the phenomenon which has been

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when vomited material so readily gains access to the lungs. If used at

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infection there will always be a predominating or primary

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in producing morbid manifestations. It is operative through-

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son, it is a good rule, wliere a thirty-minute exposure has been made, not to

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the adult constitute distinct stages of Life, separated

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premises at various times, and insist on such.changesfi:om

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matter. About the parturient period, great care is to be taken

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never been seriously attributed to such a cause, but to compression between

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colored crusts. The centre of the affected surface takes

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Med. Ann., Albany, 1883, iv, 121-130. 4«so, lleprint.—

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may run longer, and a few cases may recover. Dropsical swel-

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ture and all the mineral drugs that Transylvania University could fur-

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