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had been developing for a year, and was apparently firmly ad-

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established beyond a doubt; (~) metastasis occurs very

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with its machinery, its coarse energy, its noises and

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tinually, and broke on anything above her nsnal middle register.

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brim at the time the instruments were introduced, showed that they

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f. prakt. Augenh., Leipz., 1883, vii, 0-21. . Iodoform

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or almond paste. If the use of soap be absolutely dispensed with,

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In cases likely to prove fatal, the muscles of the limbs feel flabby and relaxed,

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to the head, and give lemonade freely, if the patient

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two or three days, which shows the dangers to which on

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Cape May County (N. J.) Medical Society. — ^At the an-

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a quarter of a grain hypodermically as soon as the con-

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and in another to possess the luxuries, are responsible for a tremendous

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seau, Andral (neveu) and Berard. The brain of Cuvier weighed three

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We need a minimum of 45,000 volunteer hours from June 30 through July 9, 1995.

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Dr. Horne agreed that the enormous expenditure incurred in

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According to Roser, repeated luxation of the head of the humerus is due to

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Lack of mouth hygiene seems to be the efficient cause.

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conduction pathways, so that direct proof of this point cannot be

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connection with erythema, we cannot avoid alluding to the mistake,

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ing wound, which in ten days had healed perfectly, leaving

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(T. S.) Case of impaction of a piece of metal in the left

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frequently the **Six Iodides" can be found useful. The fact remains patent that

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day) to preclude ataxia or oversedation, increasing gradually as

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abroad have described '^outbreaks" following the use of milk con-

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27 Jour, of the Allied Dental Soc, 1915. 10. p. 321.

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Medical properties and uses. — The male fern is act-

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a special class of cases occurring endemically. He could not speak of

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large number of cases occiu-ring at Spalding in Lincolnshire and recorded by

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guish fibroma molluscura from soft warts or acrochordon, but here

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and the pituitary body. This is indicated by the enlargement of the

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second stage of eruption, that is, has begun to recede.

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gain to the public, which has followed the recent determined

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the stomach, violent and painful, with or without hiccup.

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