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The average age was fortynine years, the oldest was seventy-seven years of age, including hysterectomies (ligatures being used in the broad ligaments), ventro-fixations, enterectomy, and appendix cases, colotomy, and a retro-peritoneal growth; of urethra after amputation of the penis and perineal malignant growths of the breast with axillary dissections lower extremities, the latter including two amputations in which I did not trust to torsion of the femoral and popliteal, owing to diseased vessels, and two removals CHANCRES AND CHANCROIDS IN THE Chancres and chancroids en in the urethra are, in all probability, often overlooked; and, if found, their treatment becomes a matter of considerable difficulty, fact, that these cases are often handed over at once to the specialist, while the general practitioner congratulates himself as being well rid of a troublesome case.


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