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both services. 5. That the Medical Profession was the only

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face and neck, with spots of moist eczema. Two other workmen became

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sema of the obstructed lung, with widening intercostal spaces, de-

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in the detection and estimation of the amount of the

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lar material within the ca])sule of the knee and ankle joints

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franc, d oplit., Par., 1888, vi, 237-241.— Plluger. Opto-

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He had, however, succeeded in arresting coagulation by

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attendance necessary from the first moment of the attack. The

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EVP of the AGP A and the executive director of the MGMA serve as ex officio,

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acute rheumatism, and occasionally gout. It is probable that.

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cases, the child presents marks of blows and severe

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interest of medical students seeking careers for themselves. The

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will generally suggest to our citizens what is necessary to be done.

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Calmette ^ves 124 milligrammes of liquid venom, yielding 3S milligrammes

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undergo a change of their constituents into sugar. Mr. Kir-

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work entitled Washington in Embryo ; and Alphabetical List

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frequently haemorrhagic in character. The author regards these affec-

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temperature 102°, pulse 120, eyes turned to left, no optic neuritis. Patient

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schools have been content to undertake teaching by the study of

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thick and glutinous, is secreted at the time of deglutition, for which it is more

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situation of the foreign body, the head is to be thrown back,

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into a caseous, putty-like mass, and surrounded by a fibrous shell.

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whole extent of the eye and orbit is included in the skiagraph. Two

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The following cases will show how much deviation there may be in individual

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no sooner does it take place, than the extreme evils of the

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stages. This treatment seldom fails to give relief, more particu-