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being sent to prison. About this time (end of April) he began to

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Experiment XVI, and also in Experiment XVII, where, after a

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fatal, the other is commonly so. Rheumatism seems rather to

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to kill the first. This difference may be analogous to the short in-

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under the use of the iodide of potassium, etc., until February 1870,

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his legs sinking under him ; and even when su])ported by a person

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(2.) Class second. — Hospitals constructed on the CoRUiDOR Sys-

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the precision which the mode of wi'iting in propositions demands.

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was active, vigorous, and vicious ; it plunged its fangs deeply into

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The falling of the lower jaw, and its subsequent closure by

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constantly a thick slimy mixture of pus and bile, especially abun-

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fast-day. Each day 's diet is calculated exactly, and the nitrogen-balance

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hard chancres have been found on the same person — that chancres

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Here, therefore, the unorganized matter of the undigested food, of

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a severe run of fever, with necrosis of the ears and scrotum. The

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for breath, but with all her mental faculties clear to the last. The

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therein had been removed. The extract was filtered perfectly clear and concentrated

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29. Trommsdorff. Arb. a. d. kais. Ges.-Amte, 1909, 32, p. 560.

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phanthin in doses of 1 mg. (Ve* gr.) in 1 cm.' (15 min.) of water. The

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throwing back of any current of water, so as to cause its stagnation

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dans leur Etat Normal et dans leur Manifestations Anomales chez

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taken chloroform. In fact, he stated that the first intimation he had

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Second Edition, revised and enlarged. London : James Walton :

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able feeling of resistance ; the dulness extending about one inch to