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The vulgar, too, may find an ignoble amusement in the antics

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every branch of the public service in India i.s, says the Times of India,

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Inned with electricity. The paper was illustrated by a table

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days only, was ordered to march with a battery of artillery. He applied

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mand, has passed the es.'tmiuation in Burmese by the lower standard.

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result of the year's treatment. There were six cases admitted,

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cases thus rapidly increased, but the cases are drawn from a much wider

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the difl'erences in the age and sex distribution of the population. In

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to the points appearing to be of special interest for the pur-

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bed from the operating table unassisted, but in two hours' time his con-

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parable with that of cancer is capable of originating in con-

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able conclusion that the end can only be attained by a re-

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a chronic abscess entirely, or when this cannot be done — aa so

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Sir,— It is interesting to know how the teaching of the

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pneumonia, etc., that he is compelled to content himself with

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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L.R.C.P., of Sidlesham, Chichester, to Dorothea Kate, daughter of the

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point the demonstrators in colleges connected with the

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change in the water supply. But as long as there are sewers

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De. Roachfosd, late surgeon in the Peninsular and Oriental

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of an epileptic, who is a burden and a care at home, and who

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like that when the Speaker of the House of Commons, was

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fective agent in contagious disease was particulate, and con-

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that nearly every member of the staff of the North Wales

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Journal of January 7th, 1893, sent to you by Dr. Haughton,

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doses, oaly produces a passing cedema, and prepares the

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great service to many men. who are not, like myself, independent of

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blue flames issuing from them. He showed me also a port-

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die from enteritis, and boiled milk, it is to be feared, might

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Such a culture could doubtless be prepared in many dif-

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You condemn the fee and suggest an inquiry. We do not

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had agreed to give the aid of the British Medical Journal

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the uveal tract, but also from the cornea. He believes in a

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Surgeon-General to the Government of India that a few

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to necropsy (6) the haemorrhage was strictly limited to grey