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tality varied in the practice of *he different surgeons. Of 20 cases in the leg,

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to the watery condition of the blood. This is a case of

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incision 4 inches long running to the left from the

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middle lobe excluding the tip, and an oblique tract in the

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of displaying the necessity for them, getting them up, and

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remain closed for several months if strict measures of precaution

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ing the clinical characters of diphtheria without the LoefHer bacillus,

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Among the cases successfully operated on, West reports that his

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the nervous system (Bruns). Considering these facts to be

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the ligature placed on the external carotid, and that part of the

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tals and of determining their nature and location is

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valves of the heart, have thrown more light on these

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the obstruction is more frequently chronic than acute.

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The operation of sclerotomy is finding considerable favor with

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Carter, M. D., late Demonstrator on Anatomy at St. George's Hospital ; the Dissections jointly

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tion that he is in affluent circumstances, and engages only in

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Ordered three leeches over each mastoid, great relief from pain; next day more

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labors of the members were continued in the several

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increasing thereby proportionally the assimilative processes,

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nized not only in the Elbe water at various points but also in the city

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St. George's Hospital, Post 8vo, with 27 Engravings, 3s. 6d.

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ice (the snow ice) contains most of the impurities of

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approved. This effectively ended CSMS involvement in the area of malpractice.

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from fifty to seventy-five or more full-page plates

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the marked preponderance of carriers over clinical cases, it is suggested that

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gated sacculated organ is, by the brevity, as it were, of the

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ration, anchylosis, caries or necrosis, spina ventosa, osseous

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a signal effect in reducing the quantity and diminishing the sweet-

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Marine-Hospitals and Relief; second. Division of Domestic