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stitutional causes ? In this boy's case it did, for, between

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hoped for, or expected, according to the circumstances in individual cases.

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appenflix is small, 3 by 0.3 cm. The lumen is obliterated. The

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the limits being two and seven days. Macacus rhesus 25 died twenty

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Eight and twelve days, respectively, pass before suppuration occurs in

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sicbtsatropbie. Wien. med. Bl., 1885,viii, 12-14. — Sienibo

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The earlier the breakfast, the more work will be got through with during the day,

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Official Journal of the Arizona Medical Association, the California Medical Association, the Idaho Medical Association, the Nevada State Medical

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Etiology. — The causes, which produce acute simple endo-

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cerebral haemorrhage; the patient first surfers from mental confusion,

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and Choroid— Keratitis — Leprosy — Physostigma ;

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apt to be eaten by pigs, or these may be infected by contaminated food or

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to the left and downward occasionally as far as the line of the anterior

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fectious until the rash attains its height, and that it gradually wanes as

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change in the position of the trochanter major, with refer-

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* When the disease exists in all its vigor, it is necessary to

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dition and in relapses, lower values may be found. Exceptions to this

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