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in a few hours experience a chill ; shivering sickness, and vomiting

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level. If this be correct, it constitutes no reason against bringing up the

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adherent, all that can be done is to meet symptoms as they arise.

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present. The second or paralytic period is characterized by loss of mus-

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Almost any of the spinal depressants may be useful in tetanus.

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impairment of motion occurs in the vertebrae, which when consolidated

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is sufficiently obvious. The diagnosis of a thrombus of the renal vein

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consequence of hepatic disturbance, and Cantani, Ebstein, and Senator

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cases these so-called neuralgias are gouty. The most violent attacks of

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in number. The rapid growth of bacteria in the urine makes it de-

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in the throat, I was entirely cured at six o'clock P. M., of a cold

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station test, in which the individual is placed strictly erect, with the heels

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in epidemics, and is due to a contagion of unknown nature, which is

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Secondary — Chopart's, 8; recovered, 7, died, 1; Symes's, 4; recovered,

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PROGNOSIS. In unilateral pneumothorax from a wound or in con-

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i.e., with the highest point in the morning occur, especially in young

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other local remedies, may be used. If the eruption be delayed or if it

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endocarditis is used valvular endocarditis is the variety meant. Since,

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Hypochondriaca, with hypochondriacal delusions (a form which shades by

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pressure of the latter upon the pylorus or the duodenum. Landau at-

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rhage is distinctly different from that of the congested or sthenic form,

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Fever.) The bath is usually followed by sleep, with lowered respiration

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the hot bath, will usually suffice, and is preferable when there is pro-

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in vogue. Loreta's operation consists in digital dilatation after gas-

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In children there are likely to be extreme emaciation and weakness.

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weak pulse, in addition to enlargement of the tender and painful area

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be enjoined ; with it should be associated free counter-irritation by means

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The eggs escape into the intestine from the ripe segments, and are further

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found more especially among infants, and is considered to be due chiefly

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been stated, and the importance of a rectal examination in determining

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of a catheter. For dilatation of the stomach to be mistaken for ascites

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The tumor of pyonephrosis presents similar physical characteristics, and,

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more than incidental attention was again bestowed upon this subject,

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external cold for the reduction of high temperature ; and bismuth, as-

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cerebral localization it is necessary first to recognize that the visual

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continue for many years, and the patient with suitable care and proper