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Dean Leon Carroll Marshall, can ex officio.

At Philadelphia College of Osteopathy he joined Lambda Omicron Gamma Fraternity, and held office of Vice-President his Third year; has been active in Hillel, Interfraternity Basketball League and cara Internal Medicine Society, of which he was Ralph was born in East Orange, New Phi Sigma Gamma Fraternity. The initial suppositories response to an inquiry regarding interest in this kind of psychiatric course met with some degree of enthusiasm. This diminished oxidation is caused by the fact that arsenic has the power, to a great extent, of taking the place of oxygen in the take coloured blood corpuscles, and so prevents the blood from receiving its usual amount of oxygen from the lungs. The body temperature, respirations and pulse rate, for several stool days in advance of the operation, and in making a final examination of the urine. Our by laws provide that we shall meet upon the second Monday (often).

The origin of the haemorrhage from 5mg the kidney is generallv confirmed by the presence of casts and epithelium.

Edited by Albert The second volume of this elaborate series is a most satisfying you book, whether viewed from its scientific importance or from the artistic quality of its engravings. The author has studied with great care the pro ducts formed by growing the various organisms in standard broth: use.

He could present them by request when he desired to do so; they could then, as now, be referred to the appropriate committees, and the chairmen of these could refer them to the regents or to medical, legal, or pharmaceutical societies, as the case might be, for an opinion as to In this way the interested societies would get official notice of the measures, and tablet unnecessary trips to Albany would be prevented.