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Appearances in Eleven Cases of Cholera Infantum," New York Jour-
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the loaded liver. In their texture they are subject to a great deal of varie-
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man, a student in attendance on the Homoeopathic Medical College of
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to the ends of the fingers. The arm, however, frequently felt
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imagination to furnish for themselves a good and sufficient reason.
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on the contrary, its reposition admits of no doubt ; it is impera-
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ideal forms, having a magnitude beyond the compass of a practical
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internal sphincter, near the verge of the anus, under the thin delicate in-
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putation of it ; it means the result of great observation and experience,
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a large proportion (viz: voluntary) of the muscles this is
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therefore, that abortion coming on without any very evident cause
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uterine and vaginal discharges, their varieties and pathology ; inflama-
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Mrs. R. menstruated on the 8th February, and quickened 8th
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Intending to test the statement that washed yeast loses
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if present will darken it. The origin of such springs is pretty
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than might have been expected from a violent sprain." The
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practice of last summer and autumn, if it were necessary ; but the
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or two after the first convulsion, another appeared to be coming
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Hence we do not look for the cause of disease of the colon and
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Reed, of Cincinnati, than whom a better selection could not have
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degree, its nutrient and salutiferous effects have been passed,
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appears as a small pimple or tubercle, round or oval in shape,
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cold season and in cold climates, than in warm ; nor why