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Application of Steam to the TTterua. H. Fuciis. — Since
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tologic investigation. Unexplained bleeding involving
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ognomonic signs. The most that can be recognized in this stage
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over a year has elapsed since the operation, has shown no tendency to re-
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brachial monospasm. Contracture of the arm and hand also
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Martik {Centralblattfiir Oyndkologie, 1894, No. 16) in a discussion of this
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no resistance. The Icniperaturfl, especially on the paraJyiH-d »i<Je. is ^liptiiH
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shaky mind is hopeless. In the holding of a sharp in-
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Supply. — Dr. Chauncy P. Biggs, of Ithaca, presented
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pital, in nearly the same condition as at her first visit. The treatment has been
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appreciably lessened if every man and woman in our ranks
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treatment, or to produce sweating at any time should the
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ery of the animal from the effects of this precedure. The animals
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which have entered the lymphatics traversing the region of hemorrhage.
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corpuscles, which in "a suitable soil reproduce motile vibrios,
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tation in the obstructed intestine in the human subject.
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Consulting Physicians and Surgeons. — John T. Metcalfe, B. W. McEeady,
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water is an easy and frequent channel for the exten-
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edema of the lung, an actual reduction of blood concentration was
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del paludismo. Arch, de la Soc. estud. elln. de la Ha-
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exertion, cardiac oppression or distress, and sometimes dizziness or
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sputum, in the hepatized lung after death, and in the blood during life.
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amputated, and the view taken by the patient shows in
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aneurisui in one of the cavities. It is very rare indeed to
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on her behalf, and gave evidence as to the symptoms
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there is no increase of right ventricular pressure except during systole
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are sending the blood to the veins. If the application of the tour-
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vibramycin and bleeding gums
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uct, could produce a double volume of the incomplete product, carbonic
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average age at death of doctors in the sixteenth century was thirty-six and a
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that it can only be taken in through the food-channels,
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moisture. In this wa^ I obtained one of three inches diameter, wbicb
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by gift, donation, and bequest to any amount that will yield
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retain it in place if it be reduced. This is no more possible than it
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neys are not greatly diseased, and, per contra, the amount of disease
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claimed to be the seventeenth in direct descent from
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.enters the chronic stage, or that of absorption, which is seldom
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certain independence in its pathology. It did not re-
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upon perineum, vagina, and uterus. It has also served
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sufficient to render him one of the favored and prosperous
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notable increase of extractive matters (0.8G per cent., Hoppe-Seyler) has beep
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familiar, but in reference to rat leprosy, to bacterial diseases
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but does not melt by heat. A gum-resin, containing some volatile
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acknowledge that the tumor could no longer be found,
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ham entered their protest, and the Branch of the British